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Sacher-Torte Day



Sacher-Torte Day

Forget your diet on Sacher-Torte Day! Such is its ability to alleviate woes, create good vibes, impart feelings of luxurious decadence and make special occasions special, that it should have an entire week/month dedicated to it. Yes, Sachertorte deserves more than just a day! Look at it, say it: the word itself is magic: Sachertorte! Just writing it on your shopping list is a prelude to festivity, indulgence and culinary delight. Admire and desire its dark wanton voluptuousness as it poses seductively on the plate beckoning you to enter its world of sin. Impossible to resist! This is hardcore temptation at its most muscular level. Close your eyes as you take that first bite: turn-of-the-century Vienna pervades the senses, you can almost hear a Strauss waltz… Long live Sacher-Torte Day!

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